Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sugar Cookies - Christmas Advent Calendar Edition

I've been keeping busy this past week... I got this crazy Idea a few weeks ago to make advent calendars out of sugar cookies. We have numbered cookie cutters so I thought it would be very simple and easy. Boy, was I wrong! After calculating that I would have to make 5 different colours of icing (probably more, I've lost track) as well as dirty all the cookie cutters. I deciding only making myself an advent calendar wasn't worth it so I attempted to make 12!

For those of you who can't do the math... That's 41 cookies. Per calendar. times 12. FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY TWO COOKIES.

and eventually, with a little help from my sister just when I was about to lose it completely... we managed to finish

A few met untimely deaths when a pack of chocolates fell on them... and in the end.. I was left with 10 whole advent calendars, and two almost whole calendars that my brother will surely devour.

My favorites were by far the little snowmen "8"!

Here is the first completed calendar, also our first christmas decoration of the year!

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